Bear Gear Neoprene Chain Dip Belt (free size)

Bear Gear Neoprene Chain Dip Belt (free size)

Brand:Bear Gear
Product Code: dip_belt
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• Lightweight yet durable design to fit the shape of your body
• Use with kettlebells or standard Olympic disks - never slips and feels secure whilst loaded
• Quick release clip, add and remove weights easily
• One size fits all

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More and more athletes tend to train outside premises, many of them went away from stuffy gyms and fell in love with crossfit and functional workouts instead of lifting heavy weights. But sometimes they still need additional weights added to their body, otherwise the progress slows down.

This is where one sees need in BEARGEAR™ Chain Dip Belt. Lightweight yet durable neoprene design fits the shape of your body and remains there whilst loaded. No need to fasten or secure it, just use any kettlebells or standard olympic disks, and it will not slip off, it’s that easy.

BEARGEAR™ Chain Dip Belt is supplied with 440 pounds (200kg) rated chain and carabiner which makes it simple and fast to attach weights to the belt. Whether you are doing dips or chin-ups BEARGEAR™ Chain Dip Belt is a fast and easy solution.

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