Bear Gear Powerlifting Hooks

Bear Gear Powerlifting Hooks

Brand:Bear Gear
Product Code: BGhook
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• Ideal for powerlifting & bodybuilding
• Neoprene wrist wraps will give you more wrist stability 
• Soft padding - no skin damage
• Nonslip coating prevents slipping that can occur with 
competitors' products 
• The wraps can be adjusted to fit any wrist size

If your grip is your weakest link,perhaps due to a previous injury, arthritis or simply lack of training, it can seriously limit your ability to lift.

BEARGEAR™ Rubber-Coated Powerlifting Hooks sidestep this issue, letting you lift safely and for longer. The solid steel hooks have a NON-SLIP COATING, which means that you don't have to worry about the bar sliding or jolting in the hook. Made of 100% heavy duty cotton the cuff is stretch-resistant and is very adjustable, so you can choose the fit that's right for you. The inner wrist side of the BEARGEAR™ Rubber-Coated Powerlifting Hooks is padded with soft neoprene pad to prevent skin damages, that provides extra comfort and strength, as well as acting as a strong base for the hook, giving you extra security as you lift.

Suitable for men and women, BEARGEAR™ Rubber-Coated Powerlifting Hooks have a pull rating of 600lb (272kg), making them suitable for all but the most extreme workouts. The solid steel hooks are secured to the supportive wrist cuffs, providing an integrated unit that's strong all the way through.

High quality fabrics, secure stitching and industrial strength velcro makes BEARGEAR™ Rubber-Coated Powerlifting Hooks a must in your gym bag. Don’t let the grip strength limit your workout and prevent you from meeting your goals. 

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