UN Creatine powder 500g

UN Creatine powder 500g

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  • • creatine mono hydrate. Highest quality in the world
  • • Add vitality to repair.
  • • increased durability
  • • Reduce fatigue and accelerates muscle recovery.
  • • Add the wet to moist muscle cells.

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Creatine Powder is made from the finest creatine monohydrate powder in the world.

Studies show that creatine, in monohydrate powder form, increases strength and performance by restoring ATP, allowing for longer, more intense training sessions.

Also, creatine helps build lean mass by volumizing and hydrating muscle cells.

Creatine Powder is made ​​from powdered creatine mono hydrate the best quality in the world under the patent of German Creapure®.

There are many studies that indicate that creatine is in the form of powder, creatine mono hydrate it. Improves performance by regeneration. ATP (Adenosine Tri Phophate) to free weights or exercise longer. And allows a force play harder, too.

Also Creatine Power to help build muscle mass with contrast by increasing the volume and add moisture to the muscle cells.

Note:  ATP is a compound resulting from a chemical reaction as an energy source for the body's physiological reactions such as muscle contraction of the yard to keep the muscles flexible, more so. As a result, we have more strength.

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  • ATP stands for Adenosine Tri Phosphate is a molecule of sugar ribose with adenine and phosphate island is a substance derived from the metabolism or metabolism of nutrients such as carbohydrates are molecules that store energy as much if ATP is degraded, they release energy. The body can use, such as used in muscle contraction. Shipping substances into and out of cells, and so on.

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